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What is freeware? Freeware is software that you can download for free from a website. This type of software is provided as an executable file that you download, then open and run for its installation on your computer. When it comes to gaming, freeware can be played as often as you like and transferred to other computers you may own.

If you are new to the internet gaming realm, you need to be careful when looking for and getting free game downloads. You can create security issues for your computer if you happen to get the free games from certain sites. Just because you find a site that id dedicated to freeware doesn’t mean its safe- many sites have hidden malware included with the free game downloads. When you open and run the executable file, you activate the malware and infect your PC. Playing free online games is safer, as it doesn’t require the installation of anything onto your PC.

To be sure, you should only download free games from reputable websites, such as the following:

– – While this site currently doesn’t have a huge variety of free game downloads, its list of free games is ever expanding. The predecessor of this site closed down in 2008, and this site is working on being as large. It will just take a little time since it is newer.

– – This site is one of the most reliable sources for freeware, as reviewed by the online gaming community. Not only does this site offer a huge library with approximately one thousand games, it also offers game reviews and ratings as well as descriptions of each game. It offers superior user-friendliness and a home page which highlights its newest additions- extremely helpful for the avid free game downloads guru.

– and – Both of these sites operate under the “Home Of The Underdogs” name. There is an old site and a new one; because the new site will have a different look and feel, the old site has been left alone for people to continue using as the new one is developed. These sites offer a humongous selection of free game downloads, as their library includes over 5000 titles. Dedicated to fun games that were underrated, old-school games can be found on this site as well as new titles, so lovers of classic games will be happy with these sites. In addition, these sites include abandonware- old games that are free games for the moment but can be removed at any time by request of the owner.

– – This site is also one trusted by the online gaming community, as it has proven itself reputable for safe free game downloads. While its library is not as large as others, with about 1500 titles, it has a mix of freeware and free online games. Like other sites, the main page of this site features the names, preview and description of the newest additions. It also shows the full list of titles on the left side of the screen.

The above are a few of the best websites for getting free game downloads. Again, if you are relatively new to gaming, it is wise for you to take a look at the game reviews and information about a game before you download it to your computer. Many members of the online community take the time to leave comments on whether or not a game is safe, so protect yourself with this little bit of caution.

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