Extraordinary conference live
San Fransisco // 2018

There's no better way to get to know us better than to see what we're doing up close and personal. You'll be introduced to our people, projects, and future plans.


About the event

With tens of hundreds of users, investors, and guests, the Extraordinary Conference Live event is one of the most ground-breaking conferences in Silicon Valley for people from all across the globe.

We explore the ways in which changes in the ways we live drive what products and innovations are happening, and are waiting to happen. This is where tomorrow begins.


Emily Hunt
Outreach and Relations

Ms. Hunt will deliver the opening remarks and set the stage for this years planned topics and events. 

George Philipe
Managing Partner

George shares the vision for the company and provides an overview of accomplishments and aspirations. 

Heinrik Ibsen
Technology Lead

Extraordinary was build on technology and Mr. Ibsen shows us why that's so important and powerful. 

Daina Arts
Lead Editor

Engaging content is our foundation, and that foundation is maintained my Daina. She's a key player in making us who we are. 

Dan Michaels
Senior Columnist

Transformative ideas are posted here at extraordinary, and they come from the minds of our columnists. Mr. Michaels is one of our leads. 

Irena Pollock

Another writer and contributor, Irena will give you the extended version on many of the stories you see on our site. 

Charlie Dow
Media Integration

Charlie knows the value of audio/visual content, and he has some exciting new videos to introduce at this year's event. 

Christina Ricky
Client Representative

Much of what we do is possible through the partnerships that we've built, Christina can help you find out more about how to get involved. 

Save your spot

Don't miss out! Tickets are selling like pop-tarts.

Day #1

$ 150
  • Get the inside story on the company vision, accomplishments, and future plans.

Day #2

$ 180
  • Join us for Day #2 with content and topic introductions, in depth presentations, discussion, and Q & A sessions.

Full event

$ 240
  • Get the full full experience. This is the option that we not only recommend, but that is the most popular as well.
I really loved the fact that all the insights I had missed in the previous year was delivered right on the spot in the various shows and by the professional speakers.
Paul Dean
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